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Sucharita Precision Gears a company with 28 years experience in manufacturing quality gears has been catering to the gear requirements of various engineering products and machines. Our range of products include worm wheel and shaft for gear boxes, spur, helical, hylem, nylon Delrin, metalon gears and where value addition is required we offer gear shaving and gear grinding operations for the steel gears. The gear diameter range from 25 to 1000mm. Besides the gears we also manufacture gear boxes for specific needs of the customer under the brand name 'SUCHARITA'.

We are equipped with a comprehensive manufacturing facility which enables us to manufacture diverse gears to suit individual requirements of the customer. All gears undergo stringent tests and are subject to checks at all stages from raw material to finish. Gears are routinely tested for run-out, tooth, lead and profile errors. All supplies are accompanied with test certificates and graphical read outs where applicable.

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