About Sucharita

Incepted in the year 1988, Sucharita Precision Gears Private Limited an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company is engaged in manufacture of quality gears and gear boxes. Our range encompasses steel, casting and nylon components such as chain wheels, spur, helical, hylem, metalon, nylon derlin gears besides worm wheel and shafts for gear boxes. We offer clients specific solutions for their gear and gear box requirements. As we regularly manufacture more than 300 different types of gears along with over 500 different components other than gears for a plethora of diverse industries it logically follows that we possess the expertise to meet our customers exact needs.

Over the years having acquired a full gamut of excellent and renowned gear manufacturing machinery we are fortunate to have the capacity and capability to meet our customers necessities. Our turning, hobbing, shaping, shaving, grinding, broaching machines are manufactured by the leaders in their field and known the world over for their precision and performance. All our gears are put through rigorous tests at every stage and are tested for tooth error and run out in 'Mahr' gear tester and for lead and profile deviations on ‘Klinglenberg’ Lead and Profile inspection equipment.

With the help of a dedicated and experienced workforce led by our Directors Sudesh K. Reddy and Swarna K. Reddy we are today in a position to produce more than 35,000 gears a month. The entire teams untiring efforts and in depth knowledge of gear manufacturing has ensured Sucharita Precision Gears carving itself an enviable reputation in the industry.

Product Portfolio

We are one of the foremost companies engaged in manufacturing for local as well as the export market various types of steel, casting, hylem, nylon gears to mention a few. Manufactured in compliant with ISO standards, these components are used in diverse industries like machine tools, hydraulic, chemical, automotive, textile machinery and general engineering.

Our entire range of gears includes:

Category Products
All types of Industrial Gears Plain cut Gears
Shapping Gears Spur Gears
Shaving Gears Helical Gears
Ground Gears Hylem Gears
All types of Gear boxes Metalon, Nylon, Derlin Gears Chain Wheels Worm Gears and shafts Gear Boxes

Some of the salient features of our range of products are:

High performance Precision functioning Offers noise-free operation
Resistant to shocks and vibrations Fatigue and wear resistant Non-corrosive
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